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An exclusive community for the good ship Harry/Draco. Created on a quest for the best H/D fiction and art our fandom has to offer, Seeker to Seeker was founded in hopes of carefully and lovingly gathering an archive of the cream of fandoms crop in both fiction and art. All material will eventually to be published to our soon-to-be archive.

Membership to Seeker to Seeker:
Membership is by moderator invite-only. Thank you for your understanding and interest! Please do not request membership by joining. If you were not specifically asked to join then your request will be denied by default. Sorry for any confusion. As well, all members may refer an author or artist for membership by contacting your moderator.

What to post:
Fiction and art both classic and new is welcomed with open arms. All fiction with the main pairing of Harry & Draco is welcome -- as are primarily H/D threesomes and pre-slash leading to H/D. All work published to the community will be added to our archive unless specifically stated otherwise.

Watching Seeker to Seeker:
Non-members should feel free to both watch the community by friending us and to comment on posts made! Be assured that none of our posts will be locked. Enjoy your stay and please send any suggestions or questions you may have our way.

Posting template:

  1. In your subject line please include the length, rating and title of your piece. If it is art, please say so in place of length! Example: Novel, PG13, Love Under Will

  2. Absolutely no linking off of the community, please. :)

  3. If your piece is multi-chaptered please post each chapter separately with links on each page to the next chapter (or at the most, no more than 3 chapters per post). Very much appreciated.

Want your fiction or art noticed? Our y!group is one of the only sure places the moderator looks at everything! Join and post: http://yahoogroups.com/group/seekertoseeker/